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CARB JETTING - what you need to know to help tune your scooter

CLUTCH REPAIR - How to guide for DIY clutch replacement on your scooter 

SETTING THE SQUISH - How to set the squishband on you cylinder

ROADSIDE REPAIR GUIDE - a guide to help get you home with minimal tools



   REAR HUB NUT (20 DEGREE CONE) 203 20.7
   REAR HUB NUT (11 DEGREE CONE) 147 - 161 15-16.5
   REAR HUB NUT (8 DEGREE CONE) 147 - 161 15-16.5
   FLYWHEEL NUT 75 7.6
   CYLINDER HEAD NUTS* 20 - 24 2.0-2.5
   CYLINDER EXHUAST NUTS* 9.8 - 11.8 1.0-1.27
   WHEEL TO HUB NUTS 19.6 - 22.5 2.0-2.3
   CHAINCASE NUTS 10MM 4.7 - 5.2 0.48 - 0.53

* the indian recomended figure for these is about half this 

Be careful when using these torque settings for your Lambretta. These figures are intended to be used with new, high quality fixings and not 30 year old bolts, so take it easy. It would be wise to change them anyway so dont stress if you shear a bolt, better to have it happen when your kneeling beside your scooter in the garage, than when you are overtaking a truck on the M4. 

When tightening the rear hub nut start by using the lower figure, you can then go up to the higher setting in order to make the locking plate line up.  

If you need help with jetting click here 


Click link for some 1966 tuning tips Tuning 1966 style


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