There has been a Lambretta owners club in some form or another in Bristol since the 1950's, with some of the current members being involved since the late eighties, you can find out more about those early days elsewhere on the site.

We are an owners club and membership is based solely on a lasting interest in lambretta scooters. Bristol Lambretta club is not a conventional scooter club, there are no plans to introduce dues or fees, and membership is not restrictive.

We welcome all Lambretta enthusiasts as members, its all about the bretta's !

We aim to exist outside the other scooter clubs and our objective is to bring together all owners in the area regardless of tastes or fashions. It doesn't matter whether you own a Model D, a GP or a Lambro for that matter. If you have an interest in all things Innocenti, Serveta and SIL then you are welcome here.

We are also very interested in hearing from any owners in the surrounding areas including, Somerset, Gloustershire, Devon and South Wales. As we often ride to Weston and Bath ourselves you may find us on your doorstep anyway. So dont think you have to live in Bristol to join, as long a you are within a hour or so ride why not drop by and say hello?

We are currently seeking proactive new members to help make this website work in attracting new people into the world of Lambretta ownership buy pooling and making available the vast combined knowledge of all the owners and collectors in the area.

To further the "cause" of Lambretta, it would be considered helpful if people were LCGB members but this is not obligatory in any way. 

To join just contact the club via this or our facebook page or the forum on this site. Now your here why not sign in and say hello. Registration is completely free and after a short & simple registration process you can join in and start chatting to other like-minded Lambrettaheads!



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