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If any club members have been thinking about joining the L.C.G.B., but have been putting it off, then now might be the time to stop thinking about it and just join… For a paltry £20 you get to become a member of the largest network of Lambretta enthusiasts in the world, receive bi-monthly copies of Jet Set (the club magazine, these days more readable and professionally produced than ever before), qualify for discounts on parts courtesy of the L.C.G.B. superdealer scheme, will save money on insurance with participating insurance companies and get to go on members only rallies – what not to like?


To join (£20 U.K./ £25 overseas) send a cheque / international money order made payable to the L.C.G.B. to : Wendy Karim or Steve Barden, Membership Secretary, 34 Brawton Grove, Darlington, Co. Durham, DL3 0GL. Or visit the website where you can join using PayPal – www.ilambretta.com



Whereas previously individual B.L.C. / L.C.G.B. members could only enter the best supporting members competition, now we as an L.C.G.B. affiliated club can sign on for the best supporting Club competition, with events including both Nationals and L.C.G.B. members rallies ( a Lambretists/as wet dream; as good as none of those other things, the peds can be left unlocked, helmets outside the tent, and no thieving – unless there’s marauding local adolescents on the prowl). We can be a once a month bunch of weekend warriors, or we can get out there and make our mark… 



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