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If your scoot judders whilst braking with the front brake chances are your headset bearing has come loose. The best way to check for sure is the pop one stand leg on a block of wood. This will raise the front wheel of the ground and allow you to check for play in the forks. Simply kneel down in front of your scoot to the left of the front wheel and grab the forks with your right hand and the handle bars with your left. Now if you try to move the forks forwards and backwards do you feel any play? You shouldn't!  

If you discover there is play in the forks then this requires some further investigation. To do this we are going to need to remove the headset top first. 

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This is simply held on by two bolts on the underside where the bars meet the headset. The speedo drive cable will also need to be disconnected. Lift up the headset top by pushing the speedo cable up the horncast from near the front wheel, supporting the headset top as you do so. Unscrew the cable from the speedo. You may find it easier to do this job by disconnecting the cable where it enters the front wheel hub and then remove the speedo bulb holder. The heaset top should now lift off, place it somewhere safe where you wont stand on it (you wouldn't be the first!)


Next you need to loosen headset clamp allen bolt.  


You may need to use an adjustable spanner to give additional leverage for the first couple of turns. Once completely undone remove allen bolt.


Lay a jumper or cloth over the top of the legshields, to avoid scratching the paintwork. Lift off the headset bottom and rest it on back of legshields.   


Using a hammer and a screwdriver as a punch loosen top locking ring by tapping it anticlockwise.

Lift up thin middle locking ring, then gently tap bottom bearing cone clockwise to take out necessary play. Check tightness of forks, by moving wheel from side to side (if overtightened there will be a noticeable resistance in movement). When you are happy with the tightness, tap round the top locking ring clockwise to lock off, or if still loose continue tightening bottom cone (nb - do not overtighten as this will cause bearing damage). Finally, reassemble in reverse order.


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