Dellorto 28mm PHBH setup


If you need a quick guide to help setup a Lambretta with a 28mm Dellorto PHBH, here are a few known working setups, you use these as a guide only and at you own risk. These should help get you up and running, but our advice is you then book some dyno time to get your scooter setup just right - 

If you need further help or an explanation of the various jets

or if it's help explaining which dellorto needle you need, then click here 

Jetting guide for Lambretta with Dellorto 28mm PHBH carb


cylinderexhaust 28mm PHBH jetting used

 mugello 186

 AF42mm & Foam

 AV266/X7 3rd/50 Pilot/118 Main/40 Slide

 casa 210

 42mm BB & Foam

 AV264/X12 2nd/50 Pilot/105 Main/40 Slide

 Mugello 186 ancillotti & Foam

 AV266/X2 2nd/50 Pilot/108 Main/45 Slide

 mugello 225 Sterling & Foam

 AV266/X7 2nd/48 Pilot/112 Main/40 Slide 

 175 Stage4 NK expansion

 AV266/X7 2nd/55 pilot/115 Main/40 Slide 



For a full understanding of how these carbs work click here for the Dellorto Manual.  A choke of around 60 or 70 tend to work best with these.

other 28mm dellorto jetting


Lambretta with Dellorto 26mm PHBH jetting setups 


Lambretta Imola 185 with Dellorto 28mm PHBH and 48mm Clubman
Atomiser = AS266/Needle = X2/
main = 115-118/Pilot/Idle = 55/slide = 40 



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