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the gran prix range - GP

The ultimate sporting Lambretta combining aerodynamic bodywork (if that’s possible on a full panelwork scoot…) and most powerful factory fitted power unit with the GP200 putting out 11.7 b.h.p (SX200 10.3 b.h.p, TV/GT200 10.75 b.h.p).

Designed in 1968 by Nuccio Bertone the DL/GP range updated the LI and SX ranges which had changed little over the past ten years.

Subtle yet effective alterations changed both the aesthetic and performance characteristics of the new model. In Britain it was marketed and badged as the GP (the legshields bearing a chequered flag sticker), while in Italy and other countries it was called the DL (with an ink-splat sticker on the legshields, supposedly resulting from Bertone throwing his pen down on the design drawings).

The GP/DL model had; a shorter headstock, restyled slimmer legshields, a redesigned square headlight and plastic rear light unit, badgeless louvred clip on panels, clip in rather than bolt-on fork buffers, a new uprated crankshaft with a thicker flywheel taper, more endfloat on the big end and a wider flywheel bearing (giving more support on the crank) to cope with the higher reving engine, a redesigned bronze clutch plunger, a phosphor bush replaced the twin roller bearings on the clutch basket, while the kickstart plunger release ramp, previously a separate item bolting into the chaincase cover, was now cast integrally with the gearbox endplate. Early production models had alloy horn casting and rear frame grills painted the same colour as the scooter - later changed to black plastic, metal petrol cap covers – later plastic, grey plastic toolbox – later black plastic.
Featured above is Paolo Catani's ace GP Electronic restoration. 

Introduced in early 1969, having proved their pedigree at the Isle of Man scooter week the previous year, the GP range (available in; thorn white, turquoise, red, ochre bodywork with the wheels, hubs, splash plate and stand sprayed silver) made an instant impression and continues to do so decades beyond April 1971 when Innocenti ceased their scooter operations. In those three short years Innocenti produced 15,300 GP/DL 125’s (frame prefix 22/1*), 20,048 GP/DL 150’s (frame prefix 22/0*), 9350 GP/DL 200’s (fitted with a disc brake and external dampers, frame prefix 22/2*). In June 1970 Innocenti launched the DL/GP 200 Electronic ( it is thought that approx 500 were manufactured) which featured a Ducati electronic ignition system for greater reliability/ improved lighting and fitted with a different sloped-back waffle sided seat and an electronic sticker on the front legshields.

With the demise of the Innocenti Lambretta in Italy the GP tooling was sold on to Scooters India Limited (S.I.L.) who continued to produce the GP range.


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