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The world was changing fast and Innocenti knew it had to change the Lambretta to keep up. Gone was the age of huge flyscreens and knitted jumpers of the fifties. The scooter was entering a new era of Jet and space travel and was in danger of being left behind. But how to improve on what was the best selling scooter they had ever produced? 

The fifties scooter generation had grown up and the scooter was in danger of being seen as old fashioned. Many young couples now wanted a cheap small car, not a scooter to get around. Both Lambretta and Vespa were losing potential customers to the likes of the Mini and the Fiat 500. With their key market rapidly decreasing they were faced with a problem, where to find new customers.

Advertising execs decided that scooters were what every young and cool person needed and an aggressive advertising campaign was lauched at this generation of potential new customers.

The Lambretta designs changed with the times and though the frame and engine remained fundamentally the same, the body work underwent a radical change and the 'Slimstyle' was born.

The Li Series
Though similar in appearance to the series 2, Gone were the fussy badges and fifties curves being replaced by more angles. The mudguard had become pointed, legshields smaller, panels sleeker and the footboards squared off.

Li Engines were 125cc and 150cc
125 Output 5.5HP @ 5200RPM
150 Output 6.6HP @ 5300RPM
Produced between 1961 – 1967
Total Produced 125 – 146,734
Total Produced 150 – 143,091

Li Special
Output 7.6HP @ 5,590
Produced between 1963 – 1965
Total Produced 68,829

Output 8.75 @ 5300RPM
Produced between 1962 – 1965
Total Produced 37,794

Output 10.75HP @ 5700RPM
Produced between 1963 – 1965
Total Produced 14,982

SX 200
Output – 11HP @ 5,500RPM
Produced between 1966 – 1968
Total Produced 20,783


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