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The Neptunes achieved national acclaim, partially due to their B.L.O.A. club activities, but also due in no small part to 19 year old Kingswood travel agency receptionist Joan Thorne “who is an elegant 5ft 7in with a 35-24-36 figure”. She was chosen from hundreds of  entries from motorcycle & scooter riders from all over the country to become ‘Queen of the Road 1966’. & presented with an SX200 stage II by AF Watford.


A year before this however Marlene Parker, a Bristol taxi driver, was selected to be part of a team formed to beat the world scooter speed record. She had been selected from 67 female applicants from across the UK to ride a Lambretta scooter in Monza & break the  110mph scooter world speed record sponsored by Filtrate oils &  Lambretta Innocenti. Subsequent attempts to locate her have been unsuccessful though the sprinter is now in the hands of Scooter Center Cologne, home of BGM Lambretta tuning products.


The Neptunes folded in 1970, though Bristol continued to be a hotbed of Lambretta depravity. Some of the reprobates from those days are still with us, respect! - thankfully without the haircuts… ( ;  Suedeheads & Slade have got a lot to answer for!


The ’79 Mod revival gave the local scene a much needed boost. The Bristol ‘West Side Unicorns’, born in 1980, were a force to be reckoned with (25ish Unicorn ‘brettas were spotted in Brighton ’81). Once the shackles of a narrow subculture had been ‘negotiated’ the scooter boy/girl scene of the mid 8T’s kept the local scene vibrant & the pistons ‘polo mint’ in the search for maximum horses. Local clubs came (Company C being legend & ongoing,!) & went; Pachucos, Bristol Elite, Moonlighters, Jaguars etc. The Bath based Lambretta Legion LC  (’88-’01) brought ‘bretta enthusiasts from Cheddar, the ‘Nam, Weston-nightmare, Briz & beyond together & to Kesterfield…


The Lambretta Club of Bristol was born in the early nineties out of a sense of despondency with the local scooter scene. Based in Greenbank BS5  (there’s a historic forum post listing the old school L.C.B members on the Friday Club’s noticeboard) club meetings used to be piss ups/barbQ’s at random members houses, but then the mid 9T’s happened.


Marriage, kids, mortgages, travel, the rave scene, moving abroad etc interfered with the B.L.C. story, though the harcore kept their ‘brettas on the road. B.L.C. members feature in the 1998 film ‘Lambretta the Movie’(on You Tube). Phil (top webmeister! & official B.L.C. reanimating moment), met at Fanatic Scooters (RIP), & winner of  the best scooter award @ the Bristol Italian Day 2009 (?) was brought into the equation. The B.L.C. were ‘officially’ reborn on the back of Phil’s win combined with Giles bumping into Andy at a punk gig.  Phil was a believer in the ‘virtual’ world, he thought  that a Lambretta club could be based in the virtual world & organised by e.mails. Wrong! Thankfully Denbigh had left the N.C.C. (National Chopper Club) & came back to the ’bretta fold in the process steamrolling  Phil’s antipathy to a real world club meet up & so the Nova Scotia 1st Sunday of the month was born.


Where it leads is up to you… We are L.C.G.B. affiliated & we plan to include L.C.G.B. rallies in our activities (NB you need to be an L.C.G.B. member to attend their rallies). The B.L.C. is YOU & what you put into it!  


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