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The 1950's was when we started to see much more attention to the overall design of scooters, as manufatures realised that the look was just as important as the engineering. Side panels and bigger legshields were added and we moved into the era of enclosed scooters with more bodywork. This was a new kind of affordable cool and along with these new scooters a whole new world of advertising was born. This was no longer just an economical form of transport for the working classes, the scooter was becoming a fashion statement.


The Lambretta 125LC was manafactured in Italy between April 1950 and November 1951. A total of 42,500 were produced. 

The LC had a forced air cooled 125cc Engine and 3 speed, hand controlled gears  - Max Speed 65-70 Km/h 

Available in four colours: green, grey, beige and blue. Costing 145.000 Lire - Spare wheel holder passenger handle and seat were optional extras.

A version of the Lambretta 125 LD with Electric start was produced between Febuary 1954 and December 1954. Fitted with a 6 volt Battery and costing 152.000 Lire these are identified by the lump that housed the battery behind the seat, overall 8.694 were produced. 

paint codes

Model C & LC (1950-1951)
Kaki Oliva Chiaro 8027
Camoscio 8011
Azzurro (details not known)
150 D & LD (1954-1957)
Beige Sabbia 8029
Grigo Chiaro 8012
codes supplied by Pete Davies
125 D (1951-1955)
Verde Oliva 8021
Camoscio Chiaro 8055
Beige Sabbia 8029
LD 125 & 150 (1956-1958)
Grigo Landa 8041
Azzuro (details not known)
Rosso Amarento 8020
Verde Smeraldo 8051
Blu Inghilterra 8031

Lambretta - prima serie

Production of the series 1 started in 1958 and continued until it was replaced by the series 2 in October 1959. Over the course of the next three years Lambretta made just under 200,000 series twos and phased it out when it replaced it with the slimstlye sixties scooters in 1963.

Year - Apr. 1950 - Nov. 1951 
Italian production 42.500
Capacity 125 cc
Bore x stroke 52 x 58 mm
Forced air cooled
Carburettor Dellorto MA16
Gear 3 speeds - Hand controlled TTeleflex
Power 4.3 cv a 4,500 rev/min
Speed Max 65-70 Km/h
Tyre Size 4.00x8
Brakes finned drums fron and rear
Tank capacity6 litres. Reserve 0.7 litres
Consumption 50 Km/l
Weight 80 Kg 
Overall length 1,740 mm 
Overall eight 920 mm 
Overall width 730 mm, manubrio 
Colours: green, grey, beige and blue 
Price 145.000 LPellentesque purus quam, pulvinar nec accumsan blandit, ullamcorper ornare nisi. Ut varius sollicitudin molestie. Etiam ac lacus neque, ac porttitor turpis. Donec interdum euismod odio, sed egestas ante lacinia vitae

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