the bristol neptunes  

Formed in early 1958 after owner, David Clifford, placed an ad in the local newspaper. The Bristol Neptunes was the first Lambretta owner's club in the area. Back in the 50's the scooter was seen as a good alternative to buses. With petrol costing around 22p a gallon and a Lambretta LD150 doing around 100 MPG, it was the obvious choice of transport for many people.

The photograph below was taken in 1960 and shows marshall, Bill King, and rider, Rita Stephens, taking part in one of the navigation trials on her Series 1 TV175.


There were a number of clubs in the area such as Bristol Vespa Club and The Continentals. Various events were organised on an interclub basis, these would include socials at local pubs and often navigation trials in the area. National events were also organised at the time by the British Lambretta Association and were held at various venues around the country. ESSO ran an annual event known as Scoot to Scotland. This would start from various places in the south of England and finished in Edinburgh 24 hours later. The Bristol Neptunes took part several times. 

Original Neptunes member, John Walsh, recalls ''Club secretaries organised events via the scooter magazines of the time. Most members joined for the social side, others for the technical support. Few people had a phone so most communication was by post.'' 

The Neptunes had their club rooms in King Square, Stokes Croft, Bristol. The ground floor was used for servicing scooters and general maintenance, tuning options at that time were limited. ''Little was available to uprate scooters, only modified exhaust systems. Li150's an TV175's were capable of 60-70 mph, but with the development of tyres and brakes at the time - that was fast enough,'' remembers John. These club premises at King Square were available to the members four evenings a week, with the upper rooms also being used for various social events. ''Tea and coffee was available but no alcohol was permitted'' John told us. 




Pictured above at the wedding of Bob and Francis are John Durnford. Beryl Conway.
Pictured above at the wedding of Bob and Francis are John Durnford. Beryl ConwayCyril and Marita Sampson. Circa19We need your help with this section please. So if you can throw any more light on this subject please get in touch via the Contact Us page of the site. 

Pictured above at the wedding of Bob and Francis are John Durnford, Beryl Conway, Cyril and Marita Sampson. Circa 1961. Looking at this picture it makes you wonder just who Bob is marrying? Take a look at this.


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We still need your help filling some holes in this story, so please get in touch if you have any images or imformation regarding Lambretta clubs in the area during the 50's and indeed the 60's too. phil 


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