BLC Sunday Meet 1st March 2015

you know the deal...wear yer thermals, its gonna be cold!! Meet at the Nova Scotia...12 ish 'cause there may be a rideout to Tintern Abbey (whats left of it after 'our Henry's little tantrum!!). Hope to see you all there...all welcome...

Bristol LC and The LCGB

Another year, another mission...As a Lambretta Club of Great Britain affiliated club we, the B.L.C. & that means YOU!, will be increasing our profile in this years L.C.G.B. best supporting club competition. In 2013 we came 52nd (out of 55 entering clubs), in 2014 we were 25th out of 72. There is absolutely no reason at all that we cannot continue building on these results in the 2015 rally season...

As a Lambrettista if you're not already a member of the biggest Lambretta club in the world then NOW is the time to join. By joining the L.C.G.B. you'll be supporting our national club on the international stage. For a mere £20 you will qualify for tickets for the Lambretta Euro rallies, be able to attend the legendary L.C.G.B. members rallies (no thieving or twats!), receive the excellent bi-monthly Jet Set club mag, be eligible for discounts on parts with participating super dealer scheme shops & qualify for discounted insurance deals - bit of a no brainer really...

As an L.C.G.B. member you'll also get the opportunity to sign in for the L.C.G.B. best supporting club competition for OUR local Lambretta club at both L.C.G.B., national & international rallies.  The game plan for 2015 is to hit the ground running & make the first L.C.G.B. signing on rally - the 'pheniacs Sandford (75ish miles from Briz) rally in early March ( for more info, chalets bookings etc). At last years Weston rally we were the best attended (signing on) club with a poxy 11 'brettas, surely we can at the very least double that figure at this years Weston rally (1-4 May). The main, take time off from work, family, life etc commitments rally however will be the L.C.G.B. organized Lincoln rally (166ish miles from Briz) over the 10-12 July. It would be really cool if we get a decent size 'road-crew' (points for badges...) together for this one! The other obvious signing on rallies are of course the I.O.W & Woolacombe nationals as well as the as yet undecided L.C.G.B. rallies. Points are also awarded for being a pillion, on a non Lambretta engine powered 'bretta, other scoot, m.sickle, car, van etc. Join up, sign in but DONT (!) lie...

Ride safe in 2015 & have a Lambrettistic new year - onwards, upwards forwards...  

ScootRS Goodies

Neil Laffers, Keith G and AwrightMate recently ordered one each of ScootRS' lovely new anti-dive disk brakes. Must say they are a rather nice bit of kit. Hopefully they will be fitted soon and on display at the club meet.

The photos on their site do not really do the gear justice...They are very solid and well made closeup, not to mention finished to a high standard.

The guys at ScootRS were more than helpful, responded to emails and questions very promptly and always kept us informed of order progress and tracking as the brakes made their way from Vietnam.

The BIG Scooter lap at Castle Combe...see above - who can you spot?

Great day out supporting this event ... :-)

Next up Bridlington Rally (24th October)...

                             Results Of Racing Season 

As you know BLC's Tom Russell has been busy this year, throwing his Super Monza powered Lambretta around the odd racetrack or two. Final standings are now in and Tom finished in a very respectable 4th. 

The final standings can be seen below...

End Of Racing Season Mechanics by Tom Russell

Just a reminder that (as racing season is almost over) ....

If you need help with any of the following:

Engine rebuilds/general running problems

Clutch, gears, 5 speed gearbox fitment

Fitment of new kits, squish setting etc. (for standard, GT, Mugello, TS1, RB etc.)

Leak down testing

Fitment and repairs of electronic kits/points set up, setting timing etc.

Fork rebuilds, hub rebuilds, brakes, tyres etc etc

In fact anything scooter related, for Lambrettas, Vespas, old or new etc. etc.

Then get in touch - Tom is not doing it for nothing, but more interested in keeping all of us on the road this season.

He can pick up and return your scoot, engine etc. at a time to suit you.

Call or text Tom on 07525 167 745.

Bristol Lambretta on Facebook

The BLC are also on Facebook. Usually a good bit of chat and likes and all that Facebook stuff going on.

Check us out here BLC on Facebook 

News 2014 

Club Shop

The Club Shop is now up and running. So far we have the ever popular BLC Stickers, Patches, Legshield Banners and Mugs in there. Sorry, the Rallymaster paint is sold-out. It's on order with some BLC branded left-handed spanners.

You can pay via Paypal or Google with your credit/debit card. Sophisticated!


The Blog (just over there on the left...or...back on the menu on the mobile version of the site) is now open to all members. Yes, you too can contribute to the site. Let us know what you've been up to in the scootering world. 

Talking of...

... mobile version of the site. Did you know that the site has a mobile version? Check it out. Just go to on yer phone or tablet. Slinky it is...

Meet at Inn on the Green pub at 11.30am
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